We had our first event on Sunday evening, July 29.

Although the group was small, it is the start of a fantastic event.

There were all kinds of fantastic desserts, from French Macarons, Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Fresh Berry Trifle, Lemon Cheesecake Tarts with Blueberries, Delicious Hummus and Crackers (A real treat in the midst of all the sweet!)

Tables were set with white linens, fine china, silver and crystal glasses. Some brought freshly cut white flowers and herbs from their gardens to decorate the table.

Everyone wore white which led to a discussion of how creative one had to be to be decked out in white.

Conversations were as lively as the bubbly; the weather perfect! Large trees provided shade as the setting sun cast bright hues of pink across the sky.

The next event will be the first week of September, tentatively Thursday, the 6th at 7:30. Location to be disclosed upon confirmation of date.

To attend you must be invited by someone who was at the last White Dinner Event.

If you want to come, Please see the “Rules” page.

Enjoy the Slide Show!

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