Check List to Attend a White Dinner Event

SO! You have an invitation and have bought your tickets for a spectacular White Dinner Event.

Aside from planning a fun white outfit, there are a few things to bring to get the most enjoyment from the event.

This is what to bring to a White Dinner Event.

Check List to Attend a White Dinner Event

      • White Table covering
      • White napkins
      • Table decorations
      • China, glasses, silver as desired and needed. Don’t forget serving utensils or food tents.
      • Champagne, sparking water, bubbly drinks
      • Ice bucket or way to keep your wine cold
      • Ice as needed
      • Cork screw
      • 2 trash bags to clear any mess you make or see
      • Tickets
      • Meal:
          • Make it as elaborate or as simple as you would like. This is not pot luck; you bring your own food. The food gets shared at your table with your group. The food is not meant to be shared with everyone.
          • You can get those in your group to bring different aspects of your meal and champagne or wine. Share bringing what you need.

        Keep in mind, attendees like to try to “outdo” each other.

        Top hats, tiaras, capes, tails, all in white encouraged!


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